A Revolutionary Name: Algi

A Revolutionary Name: Algi

A revolutionary company needs a revolutionary name! nufuuds, is out. Algi, is in! 

In the fall of 2019, we recognized that we had an opportunity to align our name and ultimately, our brand, with our long-term vision as a company. Algi has never been about pushing products into consumer hands, making money, and calling it a day. For us, this company has been about creating meaningful impact through food, and in the process, revolutionizing an industry.  

nufuuds, as a name, did not provide us with enough. Therefore, an updated name that fits our long-term vision and company mission is in order. For the past 4 months we have pondered, had brainstorming sessions, and ripped our hair out because every option we seemed to come up with was either taken or not possible. In early January, however, we realized the name—our identity—was hiding in plain sight. Few companies can directly align their brand to what they do. Some examples include Coca Cola and Kleenex; these are companies that became so synonymous with what they were selling, that consumers started referring to all products using respective company brand names. Algi has this opportunity, albeit a little backwards.  

So, why Algi? Simple, we want to be the only thing in consumers’ minds when algae-based foods and supplements are brought up and the best way to make this a reality is to align our name and brand with the funky aquatic plant we have come to love.  

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