Why Algi?

Our Story

Algi was founded by two students with a shared passion for food and sustainability. Frustrated by the current climate crisis and the lack of healthy and delicious plant based options available on the market, Alessandra and Devon set out to start a food company that would make an impact.

Both grew up heavily involved in sports; Alessandra was a competitive figure skater and Devon was an alpine ski racer. Being involved in such intense sports taught them the importance of proper nutrition to maximize performance. In addition, both find joy in eating new and delicious food that excites their taste buds.

Concerned about the growing climate crisis and the future of our planet, Devon has been vegan for over 2 years. However, he has become increasingly frustrated with the lack of healthy, great tasting, and sustainable vegan food options.  

Alessandra is anemic and is allergic to soy. Trying to eat fewer animal products for environmental and ethical reasons, she found it incredibly difficult to find alternatives that were not soy based and provided her the iron she needed to maintain a balanced diet. Add great tasting to the list of requirements and it was nearly impossible!

Meeting at Queen’s University, Alessandra and Devon discovered the potential of algae as a food source but soon realized that almost no one was innovating in the algae product space! So they decided to take a chance and start creating food products centered around spirulina algae. After much experimenting, testing, and validation, they launched their first product, the IMPACT Bar to provide like-minded individuals who share their passion for food and sustainability with delicious food.

Bars are not where we want to end. We have a vision to create a long line of food products all centered around algae that can help consumers to make sustainable food choices. We want Algi to become synonymous with algae-based food products. And we want all our products to not only taste great but also to make an IMPACT for our community and for the planet. 

Algi is creating purpose driven food products that taste great, are packed with nutrients, and have a positive impact on the planet. All our products are centred around algae because of the incredible benefits for us and for the planet.

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