Spirulina Algae

We're happy you asked! Algae--we use spirulina algae--is a blue green cyanobacteria filled with nutritious goodness! Cyanobacteria is an single celled organism that produces its energy from sunlight and carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. Algae has been hailed as the “food of the future” by Forbes, CNN, and more; it is being used in space missions and even considered for feeding colonies on Mars! This is because of its negligent use of resources and incredibly high nutritional value. To learn more, visit our "Why Algae?" page.

Spirulina is PACKED with nutrients, and we do mean packed! By weight, it is 70% complete protein, meaning it is one of only a few plant based sources that provides all essential amino acids. It also has a high protein content than beef, poultry, pork, or fish.Spirulina is also incredibly high in iron- 1 teaspoon gives you 8% of your daily iron. It is so high in iron that some doctors even recommend it to patients instead of iron pills because it is a natural source and it is a lot gentler on your stomach!Fun fact! Fish, known to be high in omegas actually get their omegas from algaes! Meaning you are cutting out the middle man, or middle fish, by getting your omegas directly from algae.

Spirulina is high in many other essential vitamins and minerals, including B vitamin complexes, Vitamin E, chlorophyll, and magnesium. Check out this figure listing the full nutrition profile- I think you’ll agree it really is PACKED!

Yes! Spirulina is easy to grow! It requires little maintenance and input to produce a very high yield. It can grow in pools of water almost anywhere, including labs, vertical farms, and even the desert! There is no need for a large amount of land nor the destruction of ecosystems- like the rainforest- to produce an incredibly nutritious product.

Depending on how it is grown, 95% of the water used to grow spirulina can be reused to grow even more! A lot of other plant-based options, like nuts and soy, require an incredibly high amount of water to grow their crops that eventually gets reabsorbed back into the ground. In reusing water, less freshwater withdrawals need to be made and more can be used for drinking water or other equally beneficial uses.

Additionally, spirulina goes from farm to table in 8 hours- meaning you can harvest 3 full yields of spirulina in a single day. With this high production rate, more people will be able to have access to sustainable and nutritious food!

And, because algae gets its energy from photosynthesis, it removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. For every gram of spirulina produced, 2 grams of oxygen by consuming 2 grams of carbon dioxide! For context, one IMPACT Bar removes 14 grams of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere!

And by making the choice to replace animal products and other unsustainable food options with spirulina, you are reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions being released into the atmosphere and using less natural resources, like land and water, to produce your food. This means less demand from the environment and a lower impact!


The IMPACT Bar proves that functionality can come from real, healthy, and unprocessed ingredients. We don't believe in additives, isolates, or ingredient lists that are a paragraph long. 

The IMPACT Bar provides the ideal energy booster for anyone tackling physically enduring activities. It’s nutrition profile is ideal for staying fueled during endurance activities! It’s also a great breakfast replacement or afternoon pick-me-up.

We are proud that we do not use any preservatives in our products. The shelf life of the IMPACT Bars is one year.

Yes! We have new flavours launching in the spring, which do not contain any nuts! Woohoo!

We pride ourselves in making great tasting whole food products. The IMPACT Bar is made with 6-7 clean ingredients, depending on the bar flavour. Both bars are made with 5 core ingredients: date paste (medjool), sunflower seed butter, spirulina algae, yacon syrup, and sea salt. The Sunflower Seed & Sea Salt bar is also made with pumpkin seeds, and the Cocoa & Cacao Bar is also made with cocoa powder and cacao nibs.

Spirulina Powder

Our powder comes from a supplier in the US. They ensure the safety and quality of the spirulina.

The shelf life of the spirulina powder is 2 years. We recommend storing it in a cool and dry place.

The only limit is your imagination! Most commonly, people will add spirulina into their smoothie or oatmeal in the morning but we challenge you to think bigger! Some have made hummus, cookies, even ramen noodles with spirulina! Check out our blog posts on different recipe ideas made with spirulina!

Shipping policy

We ship all over Canada! We will be shipping to the US soon!

We use Canada Post to ship our products. Right now, they are experiencing a high volume of orders so delivery times have increased. Depending on which shipping method you select, you should expect to receive your order within 5-6 business days after you have received the shipping confirmation email. 

The IMPACT Bar Taster orders are sent via letter mail. Unfortunately we are not able to provide a tracking number for these orders. We expected these to take around 10-12 business days to arrive.