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Why Algi?


1g of algae biomass adds 2g of Oxygen and removes 2g of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere  

Great Tasting

People seriously love this thing! Looks can be deceiving but we guarantee you're going to love this thing! 


The Impact Bar is packed with clean plant-based nutrition. Each 55g bar has 12g of protein, 22% DV of iron, and 250 calories.


Learn why algae is the food of the future

People Love The Impact Bar!

I loved it! My kids loved it! We couldn't stop going back for more.

Naomi; Badass Vegan Momma

I just found my new fave post-workout snack! I love this thing!

Regan; Power Lifting Aficionado

This thing saved me on a long ride. The energy in the bar is just nuts!

Ben; Gnarly Mountain Athlete
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There's Nothing Like it


The food world is missing something big - or should we say small - and we're here to change that! We make purpose driven food products that create a positive impact on our health and the environment.

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