Redefinining Food

An Algae-Based Food Vertical

Our History

Algi was founded in 2019 by two students with a shared passion for sustainability, food, and innovation.

Since then, we've worked tirelessly to build an algae-based CPG food company. In September of 2021 we launched our first mass-produced food product, the IMPACT Bar--an endurance bar made with 6-7 real food ingredients.

As a brand, we pride ourselves on our guerrilla marketing tactics and our ability to stand out among the highly competitive bar industry. Our efforts have paid off and to date, the IMPACT bar is currently selling in over 75 grocery and health food stores across Western Canada.

Devon Hawkins & Alessandra Amato depart on the much anticipated IMPACT Tour
Alessandra Amato giving out IMPACT Bar samples in Canmore
Alessandra Amato, dressed as an alien, cheering on riders during the Fernie Gravel Grind.

Present Day

In the coming months we will be launching the IMPACT Bar into a multitude of notable retailers across Western Canada. This a huge step for our CPG business and will pave the way for future product launches.

In the mean time, we're actively working to develop new and innovative algae-based food products for multiple categories. We're really excited to showcase what we've been working on soon!

Beyond CPG, we are in the midst of developing an algae-based feed alternative for the organic chicken farm industry across the Prairies. Although this project is in preliminary stages, we are impressed with the results and excited for the next steps.

Where We're Going

The future is looking green and we want to be a part of it!

The future of Algi is not just about CPG products or livestock feed, it's about using algae to develop products for a wide-array of industries that demonstrate that the future can be both sustainable and innovative.

What we need


To the Algae industry and strategic investors. Help us by connecting us to those more knowledgable than we are. We're working to ignite an algae revolution but can't do it alone!

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