Community Leaders Spotlight #1: Rachael Hartley

Community Leaders Spotlight #1: Rachael Hartley

Welcome to our new blog series! Community Leaders Spotlights feature individuals in our community and yours that practice sustainable, active lifestyles and are models for positive change. Our Pilot blog post features Rachael Hartley; an amazing and wonderful human being. She is a role model in so many ways, and it's easy to understand why!


Introduce yourself: What's your name? Where are you from? What do you do?

Rachael Hartley from Victoria BC, currently living in Kingston ON. I am a manager/business administrator for two small, local businesses as well as a CrossFit Coach.

What is something you look forward to every day?

Eating! Making something super delicious and enjoying every bit of it!

What is one of your biggest goals?

To continue to spread the word on the climate crisis and create thoughtful engagement from my community about finding ways to help make a positive impact on climate.

What have you changed in your life to better reflect sustainability? This could be product use, diet, investment etc.

I started with eating 100% plant-based foods about 3 years ago. I have also become very consumer conscious of single-use plastic/packaging. I try my best to buy unpackaged foods (produce) and buy bulk with my own jars/bags. I still create waste, but I am working towards minimizing that waste as best I can. I compost food scraps, but have been trying to use as much of the food without throwing it away. I look to buy from companies that value what I value in making the world sustainable. I steer away from fast fashion brands and try to not buy anything (because that saves you money), or if I do decide I need something either buy for high quality that will last me years, or go to vintage/second-hand shops. This last change in consumer purchasing is more recent for me. I have been learning more about how fashion and the climate crisis are related and it is astounding how little regulation there is for this industry, as well as the huge negative impact it has on the climate and on human rights. 

If you could post a message seen daily to everyone around the world, what would that message be?

Make choices consciously and with compassion. Your choices make the difference, it starts with one person no matter how small the change to start the ripple effect. You do not need to be perfect to make changes in the right direction if everyone tried to do as much as they could imperfectly it would be better than one person doing it perfectly. 

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